Tuesday, February 9, 2010

In Loving Memory of My Old Horse " Snazzys Midnite Dream"

Snazzy was my old 19 year old show horse, she passed away 2 years ago on February 2, 2008. 

"My First Horse"
                                                                    Read Snazzy's Story Below

My name is Jenna Morrison. I have always loved horses, and wanted one ever since a very young age. One day on November 1, 2006, my dream came true. It was my birthday and my parents bought me a horse named Snazzy!

Snazzy was an 18 year old black and white paint mare. In Snazzy's past, she was shown many times at many horse shows, and was a well trained, calm, and friendly horse.

I brought Snazzy home and she was so nervous! Snazzy did not trust me and I didn’t trust her. I worked with Snazzy every day. I could finally cinch up the saddle without her trying to bite me. I would gently pet her when she got upset to let her know everything is okay. I learned to not be afraid of her. We got to the point to where I could ride bareback with no reins!

In August 2007, I took Snazzy to the Elbert County Fair and showed her. Snazzy placed in every class and won reserve champion for novice! On the last day of fair, I camped out with my friends. Everyone was tucked away in their campers. It was dark out and the stars were twinkling . It was the most beautiful night I had ever seen. I went into the horse barn to see Snazzy. I haltered her up and lead her into the arena. She calmly trotted around with me. I could hear Snazzy breathe softly in the warm, peaceful night.

Snazzy and I hung out with each other until winter came. One day during the winter I went out to do the usual feeding. I was filling up her water tank and Snazzy came running up to me and was loving all over me. Snazzy ignored her food. She was putting her head softly against me and licking me! Snazzy followed me and wouldn’t let me leave. I had to go inside because it was getting dark and really cold. I walked to the gate and Snazzy still followed me. I slowly closed the gate and headed for the house. Snazzy put her nose through the gate neighing at me. She stood there watching me go into the house.

A few days later, Snazzy couldn’t chew her food. The vet came out to see why she held her head crooked with her eye half closed. He found nerve damage caused by a brain tumor. Snazzy had to be gently put to sleep the next day. Now Snazzy is in a better place.

She taught me the real meaning of horsemanship, and the real meaning of showing horses: Snazzy was the one that got me started in the horse showing world. She also taught me how to trust other horses and she gave me confidence to ride and show. Snazzy was a loyal, trusting, and a sweet best friend, I will always treasure her forever.

Jenna Morrison -  "My First Horse"